Medical Services in Assam




District-wise Number of Govt. Hospitals, Primary Health Centres, First Referral Unit, CHCs etc. in Assam, 2014:


District-wise Number of Private Hospitals and Registered Diagnostic Centres in Assam, 2014:


Achievements of Some Special Health Programmes in Assam, 2014:


District-wise Number of Beds in Different type of Health Institutions in Assam, 2014:


District-wise Medical facility and Medical & Paramedical Personnel in Assam for the Year 2014-15:


Number of Medical & Paramedical Staffs in Assam, 2014:


Medical & Paramedical Personnel Registered in Assam during 2014:


District-wise Births & Deaths Registered during 2014:


Estimated Birth Rate, Death Rate & Infant Mortality Rate in Assam, 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, 2003 to 2013:


District-wise Number of Family Welfare Centres in Assam for the year 2014-15:


District-wise Sterilization Performance of Assam during 2014-15:


District-wise Family Planning Performance in Assam, 2014-15: