The hilly topology of the State with bountiful vegetation and deep terrain presents a beautiful landscape of trees. Trees of various species are found in those forests and also indigenous medicinal plants are growing wild in some of the forests. Some gifted local healers used these unknown plants for effective treatment and also curing various elements. The area under forest is between 36% to 42% of the total reported area of the State. The presence of such forests has become a wealth which the nature has graciously bestowed upon Meghalaya. But due to wanton destruction of forest products, this natural wealth has been robbed of its rich possession. The rampant cutting and felling of trees has not only depleted the forest area but also disturbed the ecological balance and the existence of flora and fauna is very much threatened. However, the ban imposed by the Supreme Court of India in 1996, has come as a boon so that those hills and hillocks which has become more or less barren may again drape with new green covers in in years to come


As started earlier, the land tenure system of the State is different from others. Therefore, the major portion of forest area is under the ownership and control of the community, local bodies and private parties or individuals. As such, Government controlled forests are well bellow 10% of the total forest area.


The Government of Meghalaya had taken up various programmes like Social forestry through Forest Department in respect of tree plantation and also afforestation of depleted forest lands. In this context, Soil Conservation also took up progammes of afforestation in those private forest area and barren lands of private parties in order to rejuvenate with vegetation. Further, afforestation progammes are very much essential when the cause of prevention of environment is a common concern. In this context, preservation of environment has gained not only the attention of Government and Social Scientist but also of other Non-Government Organisations at various fora. Therefore, augmentation of forest, particularly the catchments areas of important river sources would help not only checking soil erosion but conservation of water.


District wise Forest Cover in Meghalaya:


Area under Forest in Meghalaya, 1996-97 to 2013-14:


District-wise Area under Forest in Meghalaya, 2012-13:


Area Under Plantation, 1996-97 to 2013-14:


Progress of Forestry Schemes, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1997-98 to 2013-14:


Forest and tree resources in state of Meghalaya (India State of Forest Report 2011, 2013, 2015) and 2017