Tourism of Tripura



Tourism has emerged as one of the most important segment of the economics the most significant aspect of which is generation of employment opportunities. Tourism thus has to be seen primarily as an economic activity and not as welfare measures which is now being viewed as a vehicle of socio-economic development of a country.


The economic significance of tourism in the global market has led to its capacities to earn foreign exchange. Tourism has significant linkages with other sectors of the economy leading to multiplier effect in output, income and employment. It is now viewed as a way of living rather than a luxury and reserved for the affluent and the elite. With the improvement of standard of living of people, tourism is gaining more importance. Endowed with rich variety of tourist attractions, Tripura offers vast potential for growth to tourism. With an area of 10491.69 sq. k.m. Tripura is one of the smallest states in the country. But the legendary state with its natural beauty of lustrous green valleys, the hill ranges with its flora and fauna, the fascinating blend of cultural, glorious history and traditional unique craftsmanship is in a highly advantageous position for development of tourism.


For convenience of tourist the state has been divided into two tourist circuits. One is west-south Tripura circuit covering the tourist destinations of West, Sepahijala, Gomati and South Tripura Districts and the other is west-north Tripura circuits covering the tourist destinations of North Tripura, Unakoti and Dhalai Districts. The entire state is having huge potentiality in tourism specially eco-tourism, religious, heritage and cultural tourism, rural tourism, water tourism etc.