Mizoram Tourism


Mizoram, the Land of the Highlanders, is sandwiched between Myanmar, Bangladesh and the states of Tripura, Assam and Manipur. The rivers, peaks, plains and the lakes are the treasures of Mizoram. It is full of high ranges running from north to south covered by greenery throughout the year. The scenic beauty of the hill ranges and river valleys during dry season, the rolling clouds mixed with thundering sound followed by heavy rains, slowly moving across the hills and valleys, during rainy season are the sights of unforgettable pleasure.


The Mizoram State Government begins to recognize tourism as an important sector of the economy which needs to be developed for greater income generation. More emphasis on sustainable eco-tourism, adventure tourism, village tourism and rural tourism would bring in high - value tourism. With the increase of tourist the need for budget hotels has been acutely felt. Participation from private sector is almost nil, the existing private hotels are not up to the mark, financial assistance may be offered to those competent promoters wishing to establish a budget hotel in the state.


Tourism has emerged as an important economic activity and one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Globally, Tourism is the fastest growing industry and in terms of value, it comes third only after petroleum and Transport Industry. As such, Tourism Department in Mizoram is also one of the fastest growing Departments in Mizoram.


Promotion of Tourism in the State is the main function of the department. The Departement has achieved these objectives by constructing Tourist Lodge, Tourist Resort and other Tourist amenities in difference places of Mizoram through liberal financing of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. As such, the Department has completed the following projects during 11th Five Year Plan.