Irrigation in Assam



Source and District-wise Net Irrigated Area, 2018-19:


Source and District-wise Gross Irrigated Area, 2018-19:


District and Season-wise Irrigation of Rice, 2018-19:


District and Crop-wise Irrigation of Cereal and Millets, 2018-19:


District-wise Irrigation of Foodgrains, 2018-19:


District-wise Irrigation of Condiments and Spices, Fruits & Vegetables and Oilseeds, 2018-19:


Sector wise Irrigation Potential Created in Assam, 2018-19 (Cumulative):


District-wise Gross Area Irrigated under Govt. Irrigation Facilities in Assam, 2018-19:


District-wise Length of Irrigation Canals/ Channels Constructed in Assam upto 2017-18:


Target and achievement of additional irrigation potential created in Assam, 2018-19: