Tourism of Assam



Tourism is a fastest growing industry in the world. Tourism is not only a growth engine but also an employment generator that has the capacity to create large scale employment both direct and indirect, for diverse sections in society, from the most specialized to unskilled workforce. Tourism in Assam is based on wildlife, natural beauty, unique flora & fauna, holy shrines, lush green tea gardens, turbulent rivers, vibrant and colourful cultural festivals. Assam has immense tourism potentials, which are to be explored as commercial resources. Eco-tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism segments and therefore the Government of Assam has given tremendous thrust with relevant to natural beauty and bounty.


The State Tourism Department has witnessed a considerable success and all round development both in respect of infrastructure development and creation of other facilities over the years with the financial assistance from the Central as well as the State Government. It is felt that to explore tourism potentials, adequate investments and integrated, coordinated and concerted efforts from all concerned departments are necessary. However, the State Tourism department has undertaken various steps for promotion/ infrastructure development in the State both individually and jointly with private sector.


For the growth of tourism sector, special emphasis has been given on Tourism Circuit Development, Destination Development, Wayside Amenities etc., through public and private partnership to tap the unexplored potential opportunities. Assam Tourism Policy, 2008 has also been adopted by the State Government giving special emphasis to encourage private investment in Tourism sector by providing financial and logistic support. The State Government has made all basic arrangements for construction of chain of 5 (Five) Star Hotels in collaboration with private investors and Indian Hotel Company Ltd.


Eco-tourism is aimed at the appreciation of both natural world and traditional cultures existent in natural areas and to protect natural and cultural assets. Assam has several ethnic groups residing in harmony in spite of the differences in rites and rituals, festivals and attires. One may discover the fascinating legacy of art and crafts in Assam, the proud producer of three unique varieties of Silk, the Golden Muga, the White Pat and Warm Eri. In Assam, one can hear the rhythms of the shuttles of looms in the craft village, which get momentum with the advent of spring. Special priority for development of Religious Tourism & Cultural festivals like “Ambubachi Mela” in Maa Kamakhya Temple, Dol Utsav in Barpeta has also given to attract both Indian and foreign tourists. The Brahmaputra Beach Festival, Kite festival, Kaziranga Golf Competition etc., are organised in collaboration with the Tourism Department is another important step to attract Indian and Foreign tourists to Assam.


Assam is also blessed with minerals especially petroleum. It is worth mentioning that India's first oil well was drilled in Digboi. The world’s third oil refinery and the first oil refinery in India and too in Asia was established and located at Digboi has also special importance from the tourism point of view.


River cruise on the Brahmaputra from Guwahati, organised by Government as well as Private tour operators are major attractions. One can opt for short cruises or can avail longer sailing to Kaziranga National Park or to the ethno-religious island of Majuli or to the remnants of the Great Ahom Kingdom in Sivasagar. “MV. Mahabahu”- the latest addition for river cruise with starred facility is new attraction for adventure tourism. Of let, Brahmaputra cruises has been recognised as one of the top 10 most adventures cruises by the CNN International in 2013.


Source: Economic Survey, Assam 2016-17