Industrial Growth Centre



Growth Centres are large villages or small towns which have the potential to become the nuclei for the socio-economic development of the surrounding area. The Centres can be identified by the different orders with respect to the quality and quantity of services and facilities, service area and population. A growth centre of lowest order should have services like agricultural input centre, primary and middle school, maternity and child care centres and daily market. At highest level, it must have manufacturing industries, hospitals, colleges etc.


The pace of development of backward areas is a cause for concern. With the doing away of the system of licensing of industries and coming into play of market forces, the industries tend to gravitate towards already developed areas which provide better infrastructure, easier availability of skilled work force and forward and backward linkages in terms of availability of raw-materials and markets for products. Thus, the regional imbalances in industrial development may tend to increase. So it is imperative to take special measures to promote development of industries in backward areas.


For tackling the problem of regional imbalances in industrial development, to some extent at least, the Growth Centres Schemes was initiated in the Eighth Plan.


Under the Growth Centres Schemes, the Central Govt. has approved the Industrial Growth Centre Project at Lamlai-Napet at a project cost of Rs.30.00 crores of which Rs.15.00 crores will be the Govt. of India contribution, Rs.5.00 crores as State Govt. contribution, Rs.4.00 crores as loan and equity contribution from the financial institutions and Rs.6.00 crores as loans and equity from other sources. A sum of Rs.1.50 crores was sanctioned and released by the Government of India. A proposal for shifting the site of the Centre is under examination.


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