District-wise Forest Cover, 2019:


Forest Cover of Tripura, 2019:


Forest Statistics in Tripura, 2013-14 to 2017-18:


Position of JFMCs 2014-15 and 2017-18:


The forest revenue realized on account of disposal of forest produces of different category in the state during the year 2006-07 to 2014-15 and 2017-18:


Expenditure incurred on the forestry programmes and mandays on account of implementation of such programmes in the state during 2011-12 to2014-15 and 2017-18:


Terrestrial Protected Areas in Tripura, (as on July, 2017):


Tree Cover in Tripura, 2001-2017:


Major Forest Produce (State Forest), 1995-96 to 2015-16:


District-wise Major Forest Produce (State Forest), 2015-16:


Details of the cases drawn against the persons involved in tree felling and other forest offences: 1997-98 to 2014-15:


Status of Plantation, 2017-18: