Handloom & Handicraft in Manipur





Handloom industry is the largest cottage industry in the state. It is a traditional cottage industry providing avenues of employment opportunities to the people of Manipur. Basically, it is a labour-intensive family occupation in which all the members of a family can participate. Majority of the handloom weavers in the state are self-employed artisans who are carrying on their profession in their own homes with the assistance of their family members in pre-loom and post loom process. Manipur ranks the fourth position in terms of the number of looms in the country. It has more than 2.8 lakhs looms comprising of fly shuttle, throw shuttle and loin-looms with a weaver population of more than 4.62 lakhs which is 2nd position among the states according to National Handloom Census, 1995-96.


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Handicrafts is another important industry in the state. It has its own unique identity amongst the various crafts of the country. Handicrafts industry of Manipur may be mentioned with special accounts for contributing to the economic structure and development of the state. The handicrafts of Manipur are treated in high class in themselves, drawing the main theme and subject matter from episode of Khamba Thoibi and latter Radha Krishna background of their religions belief and designs depiction of Pakhangba. With simple processes of indigenous nature, craftsman here produce handicrafts of excellence in the form of cloths embroidery, cane and bamboo, ivory, stone and wood carving, metal crafts, deer horn decoratives and supari, walking sticks, dolls and toys etc. Various kouna products, artistic weaving, wood carving etc. have a distinct place of its own.


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