Postal Services



Average Population and Average Area Served Per Post Office in the North Eastern Region as on 31.03.2017:


Circle-wise PMLA Statistics for the year 2017:


Training in North Eastern Region during 2016-17:


No. of Registered and Unregistered Mail Traffic during 2016-17:


Inland Money Orders Issued during 2016-17:


Inland Postal Orders Sold during 2016-17:


Accounts of Saving Schemes as on 31.03.2017:


Distribution of Rural and Urban Post Offices as on 31.03.2017:


Classified Function-wise Distribution of Post Offices as on 31.03.2017:


Panchayat Sanchar Sewa Kendras, Franchise outlet and Mukhya Dak Ghar as on 31.03.2017:


Letter Box, Post Box and Post Bag as on 31.03.2017:


Postal and Railway mail Service functional unit as on 31.03.2017: