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Number and Distribution of Total Livestock by Species, 2019:


District-wise Population of Cattle, 2019:


District-wise Population of Buffalo, 2019:


District-wise Population of Goat, 2019:


District-wise Population of Sheep, 2019:


District-wise Population of Pig, 2019:


Number and Distribution of Total Poultry by Species, 2019:


Growth in the Activities of Sikkim Milk Union, 2000-01 to 2015-16: 


Increase in Milk Cooperative Societies in Sikkim, 2000-01 to 2015-16:


Compiled Marketing Product Sale in Sikkim, 2009-10 to 2015-16:


Production and Prices of Different Livestock Product from the year 2011-12 To 2014-15:


Induction of High Yielding Milching Cows in Sikkim, 1994-95 and 2007-08 to 2014-15:


Fodder Development activities under the component of Fodder seed procurement and distribution programme 75:25% under National Livestock Mission 2015-16:


Fodder Saplings and Cuttings distributed to the Dairy farmers, SHGs, NGOs from fodder seed farm, karfectar, 2015-16:


Poultry Production in Sikkim, 2005-06 to 2015-16:


Parent stock inducted at the time of opening of Farm during the Year 2013-14:


Progress Report of Goat Farm for the year 2015-16:


No of Institution in Sikkim, 2015-16:


Livestock Disease Profile: 2015-2016: