Mineral Resources



Coal occurs in Kameng, Subansiri and Tirap districts. Besides, there are occurrences of Copper ore, Gold and Pyrites in Subansiri, Kameng, Siang and Lohit districts, Dolomite in Kameng district, Graphite in Lohit and Subansiri districts and flux grade limestone in Lohit district. A number of thermal springs are in this state. Occurrences of oil have been reported from Ningru, Kumchai, Kharsang, Manabhum and across the Noa Dithing river in Arunachal Pradesh. Of these, two wells in Ningru and one in Dum Duma turned out to be oil producing. Natural gas is also produced in the state. Assay values of the borehole samples from the completed boreholes by GSI in Amritganga Vasundhara block in West Kameng district were marginal. Investigations will be continued by drilling and traverse mapping. OIL (Oil India Limited) carried out geological survey. It also carried out 60,889 meter drilling for petroleum and natural gas at Kumchai.


Year-wise Mineral Production, 2008-09 to 2012-13 and 2015-16:


Mineral Production in Arunachal Pradesh for the year 2015-16: