Land Utilisation



As per the Land Utilization Statistics for the year 2014-15(Provisional), the total reporting area of the State was 78.44 lakh hectares. Out of the total reporting area, net sown area constitutes 28.27 lakh hectares or 36.04 percent, 18.53 lakh hectares or 23.62 percent was under forest, 24.60 lakh hectares or 31.36 percent was ‘land not available for cultivation’ and 5.29 lakh hectares or 6.74 percent was other uncultivable area. While Fallow land constitutes 2.23 percent of the total reporting area with around 1.75 lakh hectares, land under still water and water logged area together constitutes
2.15 lakh hectares or 2.74 percent. The area under Social forestry was only 0.11 lakh hectare or 0.14 percent of the total reporting area.

The Gross Cropped Area in the State was 40.83 lakh hectare in 2014-15 compared to 41.00 lakh hectare in 2013-14 showing and decline of 0.17 lakh hectare in 2014-15.

The area sown more than once has decreased from 12.80 lakh hectare in 2013-14 to 12.55 lakh hectare in 2014-15 while net cropped area increased from 28.20 lakh hectare in 2013-14 to 28.27 lakh hectare in 2014-15. Thus the ratio of area sown more than once to the net area sown was 44 percent during 2014-15 compared to 45 percent during 2013-14. The ratio of net sown area to gross cropped area, on the other hand, was calculated at 39 percent during the year 2014-15 compared to 68 percent during the year 2013-14.


Total Area and Classification of Area in Assam, 2008-09 to 2013-14:


District wise Classification of Area in Assam, 2013-14: