Handloom & Textile in Assam



In Assam, Handloom Weaving is inexorably linked with Assamese Culture and Heritage. Handloom Industry of Assam provides maximum number of employment after agriculture is known for its rich glorious tradition of making handloom and handicraft products. Handloom is a precious part of generational legacy and has been kept alive by the skilled weavers engaged in the age old tradition of weaving since antiquity in Assam. Contrary to use of modern technology and tools in the textile sector in present days, the handloom sector continued to play very important role in terms of employment generation and the socio-economic development of Assam. Handloom sector in Assam has gradually grown to the expected level for commercial production. As per handloom census more than 14.01 lakh weavers and 11.11 lakh looms available in Assam. Besides more than 16.43 lakh handloom workers are working in handloom sector. Thus, about 30.44 lakh weavers and allied workers involved with handloom activities in the State. In respect of cooperative coverage at present there is about 50 percent of the weaver population of the State which is far below the National coverage. In the Twelfth Five Year Plan period, the cooperative coverage has been targeted to be raised to 55 percent.


The Handloom and Textiles Department of Assam, at present, directly runs 102 Handloom Training Centres, 4 Handloom Training Institute, 1 Product procurement Centre, 1 power loom Centre, 98 Weavers’ Extension Service Units and 20 Handloom Production Centre, 1(one) Handloom Research and Designing Centre. All these institutes are functioning for the benefit of weavers outside the Cooperative sector. The Assam Government Marketing Corporation Ltd is the State Level organization to look after the weavers of the State. The three-pronged Cooperative (organized) Sector consists of more than 3634 Primary Weavers Cooperative Societies level, 22 District Handloom Cooperative Societies, 2 Regional Handloom Cooperative Societies and 2 Apex Cooperative Societies. Assam is the home of Muga and Eri and also produces Mulberry Yarn to some extent.


At present, the Directorate of Handloom and Textiles cover 13576 villages of the State under its 209 Handloom Demonstration Circles with 1316163 weavers for its Handloom activities. The 98 Weavers Extension units and 20 Handloom Production Centres produces 65.3 thousand mtrs. Handloom fabrics during the year 2013-14.


Statistics of Handloom & Textiles in Assam, 2008-09 to 2013-14:


Statistics of Handloom Demonstration Circle & Weaving Activity in Assam, 2009-10 to 2013-14: