Small-Scale Industries of Manipur



Small-Scale Industries (SSI) is an important segment of the economy, contributing substantially in the form of production, employment and exports. It has continued to play a vital role in the fulfillment of socio-economic objectives. The principal factor for defining small-scale Industries has always been based on the size of investment. Small-Scale Industries are those industries whose investment in fixed assets such as plants and machineries does not exceed Rs.100.00 lakhs (Rs.1 crore). This has been brought down from earlier limit of Rs.300.00 lakhs (Rs.3 crores) w.e.f. 24.12.99 in order to give a fillip to small units with low investments. The investment limit for tiny units continues to be Rs.25.00 lakhs. Investment in plant and machinery in respect of industry related Small-Scale Service and Business Enterprises (SSSBE) was increased to Rs.10.00 lakhs from Rs.5.00 lakhs. According to these new definitions, all the industrial units except those of cottage and village industries in Manipur belong to the category of small-scale industries.


Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises EM Field (Part-II) in Manipur, 2007-08 to 2014-15:


Number of MSME EM filed (Part II), Employment, Investment and Production in Manipur, 2014-15: