Mineral Resiources of Manipur



Minerals provide a base for the rapid industrialization. It is imperative, therefore, that proper attention is paid to their development. The State Government has formulated a New Mineral Policy (NMP). It is to develop mineral-based industries by identifying lack of infrastructure, lack of investment and flow of credit from banks and exploration of local resources and manpower to achieve the industrial growth. With the objective of the strengthening organisationa l set up, streamlining of mineral administrative machineries, augmentation and intensification of mineral exploration, commencement of mining activities and participation in general water exploration and geo-physical investigations, it is proposed to provide sufficient fund during the Ninth Five Year Plan. To achieve the objectives phasing programme for exploration and investigation of minerals, collaborative efforts for strengthening of the Geology and Mining Division is initiated by creating Mining section. So far 58 percent of the total area of Manipur has been covered by systematic geological mapping and 42 percent still remains to be covered.


Mineral Resources:


Mineral Production: