Land Use




District-wise Total Area and Classification of Area of Nagaland, 2016-17:


Area Under Different Land use Statistics in Nagaland, 2006-07 to 2014-15:

  • Geographical Area

  • Reporting Area for land Utilization Statistics

  • Forest

    • Not available for cultivation

    • Land put to non-agricultural use

  • Barren and Uncultivable land

  • Other uncultivated land excluding fallow land

    • Permanent pastures and other gazing land

    • Land Under miscellaneous tree crops and groves not included in net area sown

    • Culturable waste land

  • Fallow lands

    • Fallow land other than current fallows

    • Current fallow

  • Net sown area

  • Total Cropped Area

  • Area sown more than once

  • Net Irrigation area

  • Gross Irrigated Area