Industry in Manipur



Manipur is rich in natural resources but due to difficult terrain, inadequate infrastructural facilities and varying climatic conditions, the state could not develop much in the industrial sector of its economy. In the initial stage, Govt. policy in the state was one of revival and revitalization of the traditional handlooms and handicrafts of the local habitats. At present, there is no industries worth mentioning except traditional oriented ones such as khadi and village industries, handlooms and handicrafts. Manipur continue to remain an industrially backward state. The contribution of the manufacturing sector to the total gross state domestic product at current prices is found to be 4.15 percent according to the advance estimates for the year 2013-14.


Keeping in mind the trend of industrial development and the present local conditions of the state and in consonance with industrial policy of the Government of India, the Govt. of Manipur in its policy announcement of 1990, has decided to focus attention to the small scale and agro-based industries without discouraging the medium and large-scale industries. It is expected to serve the objective of employment generation and dispersal of industries in rural and urban areas.