Handloom & Handicraft in Manipur



Handloom and Handicrafts are important industry in the state. Handicrafts industry of Manipur may be mentioned with special accounts for contributing to the economic structure and development of the state. The handicrafts of Manipur are treated in high class in themselves, drawing the main theme and subject matter from episode of Khamba Thoibi and latter Radha Krishna background of their religions belief and designs depiction of Pakhangba. With simple processes of indigenous nature, craftsman here produce handicrafts of excellence in the form of cloths embroidery, cane and bamboo, ivory, stone and wood carving, metal crafts, deer horn decoratives and supari, walking sticks, dolls and toys etc. Various kouna products, artistic weaving, wood carving etc. have a distinct place of its own.


The State Government has made full efforts for overall development of handloom and handicrafts industries in the state. Manipur Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation and Manipur Development Society are the two agencies of the state government taking utmost efforts for production and marketing of handloom and handicrafts products. Manipur State Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society is apex co-operative society taking pivotal role in the co-operative sector for development of handloom & handicrafts in the state. There is also departmental raw-materials bank to meet the requirement of various types and quality of yarn of weavers at reasonable price. The Mechanised Dye House now run under the Deptt. is also making full efforts to make available quality dyed yarn for the weavers of the State. Although there are various schemes for the growth and development of handloom and handicrafts in the state, only few could be implemented due to want of fund.

  • State Award to Master Craftsman,

  • Modernisation of handicrafts and

  • Development of Kouna product

Considering the significance of the role of handloom and handicrafts in India in terms of employment and income generation in addition to the aesthetic value of the products, the 6th Economic Census conducted all over India covered this sector for the first time.


Number of Handicrafts & Handloom Establishments and their percentage distribution, 2013: