Fishery in Manipur



The State has no marine fisheries. It has vast potential of fisheries resources comprising ponds, tanks, natural lakes, marshy areas, swampy areas, rivers, reservoirs, submerged cropped land, low lying paddy fields etc. The largest source of fish is the Loktak Lake.


The total water area in Manipur State have shrunk from around 1,00,000 ha. in 1990 to around 56,461.5 ha. in 2009-10. About 18,000 ha of water areas have been brought under fish culture operation.


Fishery Resources in Manipur


Production of fish and fish seed of Manipur, 2009-10 to 2014-15:


District-wise Fish farm, Fish Production and Fishery Revenue for Manipur 2014-15:


Revenue Receipts and Expenditure from fisheries, 1990-91 to 2014-15: