The role played by the State Fisheries Department of Tripura towards meeting the food security of State's population is significant, as fish is an important constituent of daily diet of more than 95 percent of its populace. The per capita consumption of fish in the State is reported to be highest among the Inland States of the country. The State made considerable achievements with regard to carp seed production. This is the first state in the North East to produce seed of fresh water prawn in artificial sea water on a commercial scale. However, the State is yet to achieve the level of fish production to fulfill the consumption requirement of fish for its populace.


Progress in fishery sector during 2014-15:


Encouraging results with regard to fish culture activities could be obtained in the State, particularly in the rural areas due to implementation of the plan activities during 2014-15. Besides, a class of progressive farmers have been developed in the State who is obtaining fish productions of even above 4-5 tons per hectare. The total fish production have been raised to 64780 MT in 2014-15. The per capita availability of fish from local production has also increased to 17.50 kg in 2014-15 against 16.81 kg in 2013-14. Moreover, about 711.98 hectare additional water bodies including big water bodies have been brought under scientific fish culture and about 634.60 hectare new water area also created during 2013-14. Greater emphasis is now being laid on high-tech fish culture by increased use of aerator in fish culture ponds to increase per hectare productivity.


District wise water area and production of fish during 2014-15:


Funds Released for Development of Fisheries Sector under National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) in Tripura, 2013-2014 to 2015-2016:


Important schemes implemented during 2014-15: