State and Type-wise Number of Universities, 2018-19:


Total Number of Institution Registered and Responded in AISHE 2018-19


State and Specialisation-wise Number of Universities, 2018-19:


State-wise Number of College per Lakh Population (18-23 Years), Average Enrolment per College, 2018-19:


State and Specialisation-wise Number of Colleges, 2018-19:


Number of Private and Government Colleges, 2018-19:


Gross Enrolment Ratio in Higher Education (18-23 Years), 2018-19:


State-wise Number of Teachers among various Social Categories, 2018-19:


State-wise Pupil Teacher Ratio in Higher Education, 2018-19:


Number of Institutions, Enrolment and Teachers by School Category, 2016-17:


State-wise Number of Schools by Management and School Category, 2016-17:


State-wise Percentage Distribution of Schools by School Category and Range of Pupil Teacher Ratio, 2016-17: