Economy of Assam



The economy of Assam is largely rural and agrarian. Agriculture is still the principal occupation of majority of the rural population in the state in terms of employment and livelihood. About 98.4 percent of total land mass [Census, 2011] of the State is rural. The net cultivated area of the State is 28.11 lakh hectares (2011-12) which is about 87.38 percent of the total land available for agricultural cultivation in  the State. The average operational holding is 1.10 hectare only and more than 85 percent of the farmer family is small and marginal farmers [Agricultural Census, Assam, 2010-11] with average land holding of only 0.63 hectare but in a scattered manner. The contribution of Agriculture Sector towards State economy registered gradual fall [GSDP at constant (2004-05) prices] during the period 2005-06 to 2012-13 (Provisional Estimate). The trend of growth of Agriculture Sector, on the other hand, was erratic [GSDP (at constant 2004-05 prices)] during the same period. The growth rate is expected to show some remarkable recovery in 2013-14 as per Quick estimate. However, Agriculture sector continues to support more than 75 percent population of the State directly or indirectly providing employment to about 50 percent of the total workforce.


Trend of Growth of Agricultural Sector [GSDP at Constant (2004-05) Prices]: