Tripura is a mountainous land cleft by valleys of about ten rivers. Legends speak of the existence of Tripura as a political entity from the days of the epic, Mahabharata. The temples reflect the religious preference of a long established Hindu dynasty.


Flat plains and warm humidity make Tripura a travellers’ dream.


Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s novel Rajashri and the play Visharjan grew out of legends of Manikya dynasty of Tripura.


Eighteen  tribes with all their traditions and customs make Tripura a cosmopolitan state. Tipras dominate all other tribes of the state. Laskars and Notias are the other two Tipra groups of tribes. This group belongs to the Bodo race. The Mundas, Oraons, Santhals, Bhils, Lepchas, Bhutias migrated to Tripura in recent past. The Kukis form another group of tribes in the state. Hindus are in overwhelming majority. Tribal prefers highlands and relatively remote tracts while others live in the plains.


Different ethnic groups in Tripura make excellent variety of handicrafts using bamboo and cane. The most famous products are Room Divider, decorated Wall Panels, attractive furniture, dining table mats, floor mats etc. Tourists can watch the craft persons at work in different villages.


Fairs and Festivals: