Climatic Conditions in the North East India





The North Eastern region has distinct climate variations. The rapid changes in topography result in climate changes within short distance. Generally the daily temperature in the plains of Brahmaputra and the Barak Valley as well as in Tripura and in the western portion of Mizo Hills is about 15o C in January, whereas in other parts of the region, the temperature is between 10oC to 15oC. From April it rises and in July except the south-eastern portion of Mizo hills and Shillong, the mean temperature ranges from 25oC to 27.5oC. During October, daily mean temperature in the hilly areas ranges between 20oC and 25oC, whereas in Brahmaputra and Barak Valley, Tripura and the western portion of the Mizo hills it is above 25oC. Further the lowest temperature is experienced below freezing point in the upper Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh.